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For candidates with an outstanding academic record, a small number of fee waived scholarship positions is offered every year, on a number of thematic areas.

The process is highly competitive, as usually there are more applicants than awards available. The main criteria for selection are academic excellence and the quality of the applicant’s research proposal.  It is essential to demonstrate good knowledge of the proposed topic, as well as related experience. Opportunities for fee waived study are announced through the SEERC website.

Fee Waivers are given only for full time studies.

The award covers tuition fees only and not living expenses.

The fee waiver will be applied annually for the duration of the standard registration period (normally three years full-time), subject to the satisfactory progress of the student. All students are required to undergo a formal review of progress at the end of year 1 and year 2 (or part-time equivalent) and continuation on their programme - and the continued waiving of fees for funded students -  is contingent on successfully meeting the relevant University progression criteria.

Important Information
If you need a visa to study in Greece (i.e. you are coming from outside the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland), you will not be able to undertake paid work whilst studying. This means that you will need to ensure that you have an alternative source of income to cover your tuition fees (if you are not in receipt of a fee waiver), living costs and other expenses. Please note that this does not constitute immigration advice and you must check with the relevant authorities. 

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