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Health and socialcare workers: Employability Learning and Professionalisation

Project Concept

The overall aim of HELPcare is to develop and transfer innovative practices in education for the qualification and professionalization of health and social care workers that can be adapted and adopted across the EU28 to make better use of the existing workforce through training, and to encourage young people to view health and social care work as a career choice with recognized routes for progression.

The objectives are:

1. To develop a model based on best practices from partner countries for training and regulation standards of existing home/healthcare workers

2. To develop pathways to professionalisation and provide new routes for progression from home /healthcare work into the wider range of health and social care

3. To develop a new model of work-based/VET/HE-based learning outcomes for health and social care workers using MOOCs

4. Develop a transnational network and community of practice comprising service commissioners, policy makers and VET providers 





Project Results


01/01/2015 - 30/12/2017

SEERC Budget

51.846 €




Participating Researchers

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