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Venture Initiative in the Balkan Europe

Project Concept

The VIBE project addresses the challenge of developing the innovation and entrepreneurship system across the SEE by enabling private investment into innovative entrepreneurial companies in partnership with smart public initiatives and investment. VIBE offers an transnational integrated approach by avoiding unnecessary duplication, mobilizing a critical mass of the regional investment and innovation agencies and providing efficient support to both investors, policy makers and agencies and of course high-growth entrepreneurs across the Regions.

Project Results

1. Collect and disseminate a map with sources of funding, support and incentives

2. Implement an effective coaching and growth acceleration track with 120 SME entrepreneurs and 120 experts that double the chances of fund-raising of the SMEs

3. Develop and roll-out an effective investor network track with at least 150 investors signing up taking part in dedicated webinars and the bi-annual company investor presentations

4. Assess, design and test effective cross-border investment facilities with specialist investment groups and mobilise investment funds to collaborate on co-investment and growth support

5. Bring it all together for smart dissemination and continuation on a web base of all tracked learning highlights of the project, including short profiles of SMEs, investors, experts & agencies as well as all webinars and the 4 Balkan Venture Forums


01/01/2013 - 31/12/2014

SEERC Budget

154.776 €


SEE territorial cooperation program


Participating Researchers

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