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Supporting Dialogue and Cooperation between Europe and Kosovo (under UNSCR 1244) in Collaborative ICT R&D

Project Concept

ICT-KOSEU aims at supporting Kosovo’s efforts for inclusion to the European Research Area by strengthening its capacity to participate to FP7 ICT research and by facilitating its ICT researchers’ collaboration with researchers in the EU.

This will be done by: enhancing Kosovo’s ability to develop an ICT research strategy in line with the local capacity and needs, the state of the art and the priorities set by ERA; implementing this strategy, for the benefit of businesses, government/administration and the citizens of Kosovo; creating wide spread understanding of European ICT research and its need for competitiveness, social welfare and the integration with the European Union; and raising the level of Kosovo to that of the other Western Balkan countries, and in the long run to that of the countries of the European Union, with respect to their participation in the FP ICT program.

The main elements of the project are: the implementation of a thorough ICT Technology Audit and an open consultation process that will lead to identification of the Kosovo ICT research priorities; facilitation of a dialogue between EU and Kosovo; and implementation of a capacity strengthening, networking and dissemination strategy that will provide assistance to local stakeholders in order to be able to participate on equal footing with their peers in the rest of the WBC and the EU to cooperative ICT research.

The partnership includes at the local level representatives of the “triple-helix” of ICT research in Kosovo: the Ministry responsible for research and technology; the main public University and the Association that represents the bulk of IT firms. On the EU level participants from neighbouring Greece, Bulgaria and Italy bring in a lot of experience working in ICT research as well as working with stakeholders in the WBC environment.

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Project Results

  • Kosovo ICT RTD Technological Audit Report (you can download the deliverable here).
  • Kosovo ICT Research Priorities (you can download the deliverable here).


01/01/2012 - 30/04/2014

SEERC Budget

79.179 €


7th Framework Programme - ICT, European Commission

Participating Researchers

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