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Business Incubation Management Training Institute II

Project Concept

SUMMIT II (Agreement number: LLP-LdV-ToI-2007-CY-167711) is a Leonardo da Vinci European project that will adapt, promote, disseminate and improve the training and information resources, specifically addressed to the personnel of business incubators, which have been created in the initial SUMMIT project.

SUMMIT II is designed to provide the incubator sector with the vocational training but especially the practical, everyday management tools needed to successfully design and operate business incubators and realize in full their growth potential.

Project Results

  • To promote and reinforce the contribution of vocational training to the process of innovation
  • To improve the skills and competences of people working in Business Incubators and other supporting organizations
  • To extend the content by developing two additional modules which were identified as crucial areas of interest during the SUMMIT project, i.e.
  • To be certified by an accredited / recognized awarding body


01/01/2008 - 31/12/2009

SEERC Budget

50.040 €


Leonardo Da Vinci Programme, DG Education and Culture, European Commission


Participating Researchers

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