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Coordination of Research Policies with the Western Balkan Countries

Project Concept

WBC-INCO.NET (Grant Agreement number: 212029) is designed to become a major strategic project in supporting the cooperation between EU countries associated with FP7 and Western Balkan Countries (WBC), in the field of Science and Technology (S&T). The project addresses all of the issues of bi-regional dialogue laid down in the call for proposals at the highest stakeholder level with a strong operational implementation basis. It aims to produce tangible results and generate a high structural impact.

The three most central objectives of WBC-INCO.NET are:

  • to support bi-regional dialogue on S&T by benefiting from and interacting in an efficient division of labour within the Steering Platform on Research between the EU and the WBC which was launched under the Austrian EU Presidency in 2006
  • to identify RTD priorities and RTD potentials in a transparent and methodologically sound way in the WBC which will be subsequently prepared for an eventual take-up in forthcoming work programmes and calls for proposals to be launched under the Cooperation, People and Capacity Programme of FP7
  • to enhance the participation of researchers from the WBC in European projects of mutual interest and benefit by implementing relevant capacity building measures on a structural (horizontal) and individual (i.e. research entity) level and by accompanying tailormade networking activities.



Project Results

  1. The organization and structuring of the bi-regional and regional policy dialogue (Steering Platform Meetings, Regional S&T policy meetings, Meetings with Directorate Generals, Face-to-face Round Tables with multirateral initiatives).
  2. The delivery of specific prioritized recommendations for future research cooperation topics in adequate number and timing to DG Research and other major stakeholders.
  3. The development of a toolbox that will provide reliable information on the conditions and opportunities of the participation of WBC researchers in FP7 and other selected European initiatives and programmes.
  4. The creation of sufficient absorption capacities and the development of evidence-based decision-making basics along good European practices (24 statisticians, 60 finance managers, 100 research managers, and the entire national NCP-and S&T information system of each WBC).
  5. The successful improvement of the NCP-Systems in all WBC along European standards and clearly defined performance goals, and increased networking and cooperation of researchers from the WBC, the EU and countries associated to FP7, resulting in at least 500 activated contacts.
  6. The organization of a professional project management structure.
  7. The development of a professional dissemination sub-unit.



31/12/2007 - 30/12/2013

SEERC Budget

80.000 €


7th Framework Programme - International Cooperation, European Commission


Participating Researchers

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