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QF Embodiment

Exchanging experiences gained in relation to the establishment of the national Qualifications Frameworks

Project Concept

QF Embodiment (Agreement Number: 2006-4544/001-001LE2-707EQF) discusses the experiences of the participating countries gained in terms of the development of their national and sectoral qualifications frameworks as well as the establishment of the qualifications frameworks of eight selected sectors contained in the work plan and their convergence thereof to the EQF. All of this will be studied in the context of general education, higher education and vocational training. The analysis covers Vocational Training qualifications. Based on the findings of the analysis common connecting points will be identified of existing frameworks to the European Qualification Framework.

Project Results

The results of the QF Embodiment project can be summarised in the following:
  • Paper comparing partner experiences regarding the establishment of national and sectoral qualifications frameworks.
  • Testing of drawn up frameworks to the EQF based on five selected sectors (Small-scale study).
  • Conference presenting the overall project results and providing opportunity for networking among related stakeholders in the different partner countries.


01/01/2007 - 31/12/2008

SEERC Budget

23.038 €


Leonardo Da Vinci Programme, DG Education and Culture, European Commission


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