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Protecting mental health in times of change

Project Concept

Europe is in a time of dramatic change, war, economic crisis, climate change, migration, digitalisation, pandemics, ageing and demographic change, place increasing stress and pressure on our societies to adapt to fast-changing situations. Particular vulnerable groups in the general population are especially at risk of being disadvantaged by dramatic societal change, of experiencing particular stressors, and of suffering (further) negative impacts on their wellbeing, including mental health. Building on the MENTBEST members’ experience on community-based interventions to reduce depression and suicidal behaviour and the intervention framework (EAAD 4-Level-Intervention), the MENTBEST consortium will (a) characterise the scale of the change-related mental health challenges; (b) work with patients, healthcare and other stakeholders to identify interventions and tools that can best build resilience and maintain mental health; (c) combine these interventions with an adapted and broadened EAAD 4 Level Intervention into a comprehensive community based intervention (COMBINA).

Project Results

MENTBEST will deliver and validate COMBINA in five model regions, across five countries, with particular analysis of the benefits for vulnerable groups. An innovative addition will be the randomized control trial of app-based self-monitoring and self-management technologies for mental health, which use AI and n=1 longitudinal statistics to create individualised predictive models and provide users preventive and self-management support. After validation and process evaluation, enhanced COMBINA will be a ready-to-use package which can be adopted throughout Europe and beyond. MENTBEST will inform a comprehensive communication, dissemination and policy input programme to maximise impact, building on our relevant experience at all levels, from public outreach to government and EU policy.


01/04/2023 - 01/04/2028

SEERC Budget

566.670 €


European Union


Participating Researchers

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