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Latest seminars

Postgraduate Research Conference 2023 - PGR 2023

Date and time 30/05/2023
Location Thessaloniki, Greece
Seminar type Research Student Seminar

JUST2CE Workshop

Date and time 30/03/2023, 17:00-19:30
Location Multipurpose space of WE
Seminar type Research Student Seminar

E-PROTECT II - International Seminar

Date and time 14/06/2022, 14:30 – 16:45 (CET)
Location via ZOOM
Seminar type Research Student Seminar

International Relations Webinar

Presenter(s) Speakers: - Professor Asteris Huliaras, University of Peloponnese - Professor Dimitris Keridis, Panteion University, Member of Parliament - Dr Sotiris Petropoulos, Co-Founder of NGO incubator HIGGS - Mr Michalis Spanopoulos, General Counsel, Black Sea Trade & Development Bank - Ms Maria Tsakali, UK Consular and Head of British Council - Mr Manolis Vlachogiannis, Vice President of Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Date and time 09/06/2022, 16:00 EEST
Seminar type Research Student Seminar

Past Seminars

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