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2nd International Strategic People Management Workshop

2nd International Strategic People Management Workshop
Presenter(s) Prof. Richard Croucher, Associate Dean, Middlesex University Dr. David Collings, National University of Ireland Prof. Fang Lee Cooke, University of Manchester, U.K. Prof. Geoffrey Wood, University of Sheffield, U.K. Dr. Alexandros G. Psychogios, CITY College, Greece Dr. Leslie T. Szamosi, CITY College, Greece
Event type Workshop
Location Stein Building, 2 Kalapothaki Str., Thessaloniki, Greece
Date(s) 15/01/2010
Time 09.00-15.00
Organiser(s) The University of Sheffield, CITY College - International Faculty of the University of Sheffield, The University of Manchester Business School
Website http://

This workshop seeks to explore current HR strategy and practices that multinationals have adopted and applied in transition economies, bringing together the latest state of the art knowledge, and emerging research findings. Some of the current issues appear to be related to the development of either ‘regional specific’ HR policies, the ‘importing’ of Anglo-Saxon HR models, the diffusion of the European social model, and/or the ‘cutting and pasting’ of HR models by foreign multinationals working in the region. This workshop is an attempt to begin synthesizing HR understanding and knowledge in order to critically evaluate the overall current state of affairs and point towards future practical and research oriented opportunities within these countries. It is also our hope to contribute to existing understanding of HRM in MNCs by adding knowledge on MNCs from emerging economies and on issues that have been so far unexplored.

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