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Culture and Politics Research Cluster


The aim of the Culture and Politics Research Group is to promote an exchange of knowledge between researchers based in Greece and to establish a network of scholars currently undertaking research into all aspects of social and human development in South East Europe. The focus will be on bringing together scholars from different academic environments with a keen interest in any of the research areas covered. This includes alleviating academic isolation as well as identifying and pursuing research targets that include scholars in the group, both pre and post-doctoral. The Research Group will have regular meetings that focus on the research of its members as well as asking speakers of interest from the wider academic community to come to the meetings and present relevant research. A key part of the Research Group’s activity will also be to improve skills in locating and accessing funding for research that incorporate the overall interests of the members. Where necessary, the Research Group will arrange reading groups or skills improvements sessions around key issues that will help members develop their research further. The Research Group will also help members to access information and expertise on all aspects of research methods and techniques. During the course of the academic year, the Research Group will also arrange larger events that will be open to a wider audience with the goal of sharing important knowledge on human development and publicising the activities of the research group.

Research Expertise

State and Society

  • Public Adminstration
  • Social Policy
  • Multi-level Governance
  • Civil Society
  • Education

International and Domestic Politics

  • Conflict and Peace
  • European Integration
  • Migration and Mobility
  • Nations and Nationalism

Culture and the Self

  • Identities [transnational, transcultural, race, religion, gender, class, ethnicity, sexuality etc]
  • Media and representation
  • The globalization of culture

Research Projects


    Enhancing PROtection of Children – vicTims of crime
    Duration: 02/10/2017 - 01/10/2019
    Budget: 92.683 €
    Funding: EU DG Justice

Research Cluster Coordinator

Research Cluster Members

Research Cluster Publications

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