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Cognitive Neuroscience Research Cluster


Trough the Cognitive Neuroscience Research Cluster that is currently active within the Risk, Cognition and Well-Being Research Track, SEERC embraces the study of innovative ideas and current trends in visual attention, emotion, laterality and bilingualism in the general and clinical population. Central focus is the conduction of pure research in the related areas of interest, as well as, the application of subsequent findings in the form of Cognitive Training Projects for risk groups.

Research Expertise

Researchers within this track have a research record in the areas of:

  • Cognitive neuroscience of attention
  • Cognitive neuroscience of bilingualism
  • Cognitive neuroscience of emotion
  • Laterality and handedness
  • Neurophysiological correlates of emotions

Research Cluster Coordinator

  • Prof Ana Vivas, CITY College, University of York Europe Campus, Department of Psychology

Research Cluster Members

Research Cluster Publications

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