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A Knowledge Alliance for Blockchain in Academic, Entrepreneurial and Investment Training

Project Concept

Project concept: The purpose behind the DLT4All project is to address effectively the lack of European entrepreneurs', students', investors' and incubator managers’ understanding of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and their applications.
While DLT and Blockchain can have significant economic and social impact, many European entrepreneurs, angel investors and incubator managers are still not aware of the potential benefits the adoption of these technologies can offer in terms of growth and innovation. Additionally, while many European Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) have shown interest in blockchain, their curricula lack real-world cases from the business, investor and startup worlds that will allow them to deeply understand and analyse state-of-the-art applications and blockchain-based technologies’ innovation potentials. The project will attract students from different backgrounds (technical, business) of the above game-changing technologies in easily accessible language and formats, following a well-designed, innovative and socially beneficial methodology. DLT4All will equip European students, entrepreneurs, investors and incubator managers with the necessary skills and knowledge that are lacking in 8 initially defined thematic priorities: peer-to-peer database design, encryption techniques, consensus mechanisms, digital signatures, property rights, smart contracts, distributed autonomous organizations, Blockchain-based decentralized applications, which all have been initially recognised as credible means of business opportunities increase.

Project Results

The project will result (among others): A co-designed curriculum with 8 dedicated related learning topics, an innovative deployment methodology with hands-on and real-world case studies, an Online/Offline training programme deployment and evaluation, a high-impact reach-out campaign, a Blockchain training foresight report with policy-making recommendations, a marketing sustainability strategy and a final conference.


01/11/2018 - 31/10/2021

SEERC Budget

144.669 €


Knowledge Alliances, Erasmus+


Participating Researchers

  • Dr Dimitris Bibikas, SEERC

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