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AsviLoc Plus

Agency Supporting Value of Innovation System in Regional & Local Economies

Project Concept

AsviLoc Plus project contributes to the South East Europe (SEE) Programme general aim to foster a balanced territorial development and territorial integration within the cooperation area. The Project supports Programme Prority Axis 1 “Facilitation of innovation and entrepreneurship”, specifically Area of Intervention 1.3 “Enhance the frame work conditions and pave the way for innovation” aiming at setting up exchange and coordination mechanisms for research, technology and innovation approaches and policies (governance aspect) and to increase public awareness on the importance of technological progress by transnational actions in the area.

Strengthening the capacity of institutions and of the society for innovation is a critical component of overall innovation performance. Missing or lacking (national) innovation strategies are a main characteristic of the programme area’s innovation capacity.

Project Results

Asviloc Plus will make the economic environment of the involved regions more innovation friendly setting up a virtuous circle at regional level where supply of new ideas and demand for new solutions both push and pull innovation.

Target area is dominated by SMEs whose innovation capacity is lower than in large industry. AsviLoc plus seeks to establish qualified and fitting frameworks to motivate SMEs for innovation and to bring them closer to the results of R&D activities.

Main Objectives of the Project are:

  • to contribute building up a transnational innovation system starting from the capitalization of the AsviLoc project results and lessons learnt from the EU RIAPs;
  • to enhance SEE RDAs role fostering regional innovation system as innovation intermediate, fostering experimentation with the role of catalyst, building on regional assets and needs, linking together relevant actors and framed within a long-term regional strategy;


01/04/2009 - 30/06/2012

SEERC Budget

16.240 €


South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme


Participating Researchers

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